Welcome to the module entitled "How to make cross-border cooperation sustainable? (5.2)". This training corresponds to the closing conference of the project. During this module, the following areas are covered: 

- Examples of institutional architectures and governance for innovation and value chain development;
- Examples of EU cross-border or LATAM clusters in relevant sectors – energy, IT, tourism, agrifood;
- Agreements and contracts;
- Long-term commitment: overcoming change of decision-makers and staff;
- Knowledge transfer across borders, quadruple helix.

You can access the presentation for this module, if it has already been made available, in the Documents section.

  • Ejemplos de arquitecturas institucionales y gobernanza para la innovación y el desarrollo de la cadena de valor;
  • Ejemplos de clusters transfronterizos de la UE o LATAM en sectores relevantes - energía, TI, turismo, agroalimentario;
  • Acuerdos y contratos;
  • Compromiso a largo plazo: superar el cambio de los responsables y del personal;
  • Transferencia de conocimientos a través de las fronteras, cuádruple hélice.