The Galicia–North Portugal Euroregion is a cross-border Euroregion between Galicia and Portugal. It was created in 2008. The Euroregion gathers around 6.4 million inhabitants in a 51.000 km²'s area. 

So far, it is the only European Euro-regional structure fully integrating a cross-border urban system. Its main objective is the cohesion and structuring of the urban system, as well as contributing to the modernisation of cities through the development of network programmes, cooperation, information exchange and joint strategic planning. Furthermore, its aim is to promote exchanges of goods, persons (and in particular daily cross-border workers) and joint economic development projects at European level.

The tasks of the Euroregion are namely:

  • promoting cross-border relations as a fundamental instrument for transforming border territories into a new development area,
  • enhancing and promoting the competitiveness of the Euroregion's entrepreneurial fabric through knowledge and innovation,
  • transforming the Euroregion into a more attractive territory, reforming basic transport and accessibility systems and strengthening synergies between growth and sustainable development,
  • improving the social and institutional cohesion of the Euroregion,
  • other topics of interest cross-border cooperation.

The Galicia-North Portugal Assembly is composed of four elected representatives of the Xunta de Galicia, appointed by its President and selected from among its officials, and four representatives of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of Northern Portugal , appointed by its President and selected from among its members. The Assembly meets in ordinary session at least once every month.