Short bio

Amparo Montán is an associated senior consultant to Spatial Foresight. Her focus is on capacity building.

Amparo’s learning and training experience started when she lectured on European Institutions (among other subjects) at the University in Valencia, and continued years after at the INTERACT programme, where she coordinated one of the four INTERACT points.

Her EU Funds management background was very much focused on Interreg and the interregional programmes. Therefore, her experience is very much linked to the cooperation programmes under the ERDF. Amparo was working for Interreg programmes from 2003 to 2014. First as a project officer in the Interreg IIIC South programme, and then in Interreg IVC. After that management experience, she joined the INTERACT programme, which promotes the exchange of good practice in the various aspects of the management of Interreg.

She holds a Masters’ in Law and a specialisation in European Institutions and Policies.

Cross Border Cooperation