Short bio

Anna Laven is a social scientist with 15 years of experience in research and advisory services in sustainable development. Her expertise includes sustainable cocoa, inclusive development, gender and value chains and knowledge management.

Main publications


  • Peter Gildemacher, Mirjam Schoonhoven, Anna Laven, Wouter Kleijn, Marije Boomsma, Ellen Mangnus, Kati Oudendijk, Jacqueline Sluijs (2015) – Planning the unplannable: designing value chain interventions for impact @ scale. KIT Working paper series 2015, 2.
  • Incentives for sustainable cocoa production in Ghana. Moving from maximizing outputs to optimizing performance (2012)
  • Challenging chains to change: Gender equity in agricultural value chain development (2012)
  • Ghanaian state and inclusive upgrading in the global cocoa chain (2011)
  • Experiences of P4P capacity building efforts and procurement from farmers’ organisations (2011)
  • Facilitating pro-poor business. Why advice goes further when it’s backed by investment (2011)
  • Addressing gender equality in agricultural value chains. Sharing work in progress (2011)
  • Value Chain Finance: Beyond microfinance for rural entrepreneurs (2010)
  • The Risk of inclusion. Shifts in governance processes and upgrading opportunities for cocoa farmers in Ghana (2010)
  • Chocolate Forever. Dutch knowledge on sustainable cocoa (2010)
  • Gender in Value Chains Emerging Lessons and Questions (2009)
  • Special report: the power of value chains (2009)
  • Chain governance, sector policies and economic sustainability in cocoa (2008)
  • Marketing reforms in Ghana’s cocoa sector. Partial liberalisation, partial benefits? (2007)
  • Who is interested in good quality cocoa from Ghana? (2007)
  • The Risky Business of Cocoa in Ghana: Local Entrepreneurs in a Buyer-Driven Chain (2007)