Short bio

Maria Barbosa Lima Toivanen is based in the Helsinki Area, Finland. She is a ‎Senior Researcher at VTT. 


Cross Border Cooperation
Innovation Strategies
Main publications

Toivanen Hannes & Maria Barbosa Lima-Toivanen, Innovation and the emergence of the Brazilian pulp and paper sector (translated version: Inovação e emergência do setor de celulose e papel brasileiro), O Papel, Vol. 72 (2011) Nr: 4, pp. 65-71 Click here.

Toivanen, Hannes and Barbosa Lima-Toivanen Maria, “Learning, Innovation and Public Policy: The Emergence of Brazilian Pulp and Paper Industry”. In. Franco Malerba ja Sunil Manil (eds), Sectoral Systems of Innovation in Developing Countries: Actors, Structure and Evolution. Edward Elgar 2009, 99-127.