Short bio

Venere is an Academic social sciences researcher with extensive international experience.
She is a researcher in Economic Geography with a strong focus on urban and regional development issues and with strong cartographic expertise.
She holds a doctorate (PhD) in Economic Geography, a masters degree in Economics, and has completed the relevant fieldwork to became a Certified Public Accountant.
She is a published academic author in Spanish, Italian and English.

Venere is experienced in organizing and conducting research projects and fieldwork, in collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data, and in managing GIS (Geographical Information Systems) also for application of spatial analysis.

She is fluent in Italian and Spanish, has an excellent grasp of English, and a working knowledge of French and Portuguese.

Venere is currently working on the TESS Project (Towards European Societal Sustainability), a European research project which aims to illustrate the role of community based initiatives in creating a sustainable, low-carbon Europe.
It is supporting policy makers by contributing to a better understanding of how initiatives can become more successful.
TESS is also helping initiatives to monitor and report on their environmental impacts, including carbon reduction. It aims to develop a measurement method, which is comparable across Europe.

Cross Border Cooperation