Independant Consultant in Territorial Marketing and Tourism
Independant consultant specialised in tourism and territorial marketing Read his blog for more information
Thematics: Tourism
Profesor investigador, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fernando Carrión is interested on urban development, planning and public safety policies. He wrote 10 books, 22 edited and wrote more than one hundred articles. His work spread in twenty countries with translations in Portuguese, English, German, Italian and French. He also worked as a consultant for multilateral organizations and university professor in the countries of the Andean Region and…
Thematics: Governance, Logistics, Services, Urbanism
Smart Specialisation Expert / Regional Innovation Strategies in Latin America and Europe
Country: Bolivia
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies
Research Fellow at Sapienza Università di Roma
Rafela Coletti is a Senior researcher and Consultant Specialties: Territorial and decentralised cooperation, localdevelopment, multilevel governance dynamics.  She holds a PHD in geography and economics. 
Country: Italy
Thematics: Governance
Director de la Oficina de Extremadura en Bruselas
Country: Belgium
Thematics: Cross Border Cooperation