Event to come:

The Bi-national Congress of Architects in Peru-Chile will be held from October 23 to 25 at the Private University of Tacna. In recent years, as a consequence of climate change, the problem of water stress has intensified, putting the human survival in these territories at risk. For this reason, the central theme of the congress is related to the management of the use of the territory in conditions of low water resources, within the framework of the objectives of sustainable development. The goal is to achieve a guiding instrument that collects the contributions of professionals from both countries, which will be handed over to national, regional and local authorities that will be capable of intervening in the respective territories. For more information, see here.

Past events:

The Peru-Chile Alumni Network Meeting was held on October 19, 2019 at the University of Tarapacá. For the meeting, an international network of former Peruvian students who studied in Chilean universities and former Chilean students who studied in Peruvian universities (undergraduate / postgraduate) were invited. The meeting focused, in search of sustainable development through the personal and professional development of the members, on establishing alliances, joint ventures and projects, in order to promote integration between Peru and Chile. For more information, check the website.

The International Seminar on Biodiversity Chile, Peru and Bolivia was canceled. It was planned to take place on December 30 at the University of Tarapaca. For now there is no new date. For more information, check the website.