La frontera Ecuador-Perú se abre a la innovación

Regional stakeholders from Jaén, Cajamarca (Peru) are preparing for the second phase of the INNOVACT project sponsored by the European Union, within the framework of bilateral cooperation with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

A dozen representatives from the private sector, producers and local authorities spoke with Elena Mejía, researcher at INNOVACT, about the value chains that will be analyzed in the department of Cajamarca. Experiences were exchanged on the potential of the value chains of coffee, cocoa and tourism, among other products of the area.

The progress of this initiative will be presented at the tenth meeting of the Ecuador-Peru Border Committee, which will be held in June 2019. Mejía presented part of the results of work done on innovation issues in other integration areas border and listed some successful processes that have already been developed, highlighting that the participation of local authorities and the government is essential.

In turn, the producers and local authorities elaborated on their expectations and needs regarding innovation and reiterated their commitment in their areas of work to look for new ways of producing, marketing and thinking about their products / services.