The Workshop "Construction of an experiential tourism product in the Border Integration Zone (ZIF)" is the first event of the "Third Border Peru Colombia Binational Course: Capacities for entrepreneurship in tourism and marketing in the cocoa and fish farming chain". The event will take place on June 27 and 28. For the first day it is planned to take a tour of sites of tourist interest in the ZIF in preparation for the workshop. The second day will be a workshop in the city of Leticia, in the Auditorium of the Amazon Chamber of Commerce.

The event will be a practical workshop that will define an innovative vision and offer of tourism services and products in the Border Integration Zone (ZIF). Its specific objectives are:

  • Present global trends in experiential tourism and some successful cases of innovation through an experiential tourism strategy.
  • Sensitize the entire value chain of the Colombia-Peru cross-border tourism industry about the possibilities offered by experiential tourism to attract value tourists.
  • Develop a methodology to identify and qualify conventional tourism resources with the potential to become tourism products.

European expert: José Cantero

Consultant, trainer, international speaker in marketing and emotional experiential tourism and content. He has created and implemented a methodology called "Hosperience" that has inspired more than a thousand entrepreneurs from the tourism sector in Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Chile.

Specialized in experiential marketing and content marketing, customer experience management and customer experience and branded content experiential.

Director of the Master in Creative Marketing and visual communication at Madrid School of Marketing. Diploma in Business Administration and Management from ICADE and Master in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce from ICEMD: ESIC.

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