On June 25 at the Casa Andina Hotel in Tacna, the workshop "Innovative development of bi-national tourism products and services" was held. This workshop was facilitated by the Spanish consultant, trainer, international lecturer in marketing and experiential tourism and contents, Mr. José Cantero (https://josecantero.com/) The workshop combined plenary exhibitions with practical activities covering different topics for the development of binational tourism products such as: i) Introduction to experiential tourism, ii) analysis of the destination, iii) Innovation in tourism, iv) Construction of a product, v) Emotional levers, among others.

Some impressions of the attendees:

  • "In my capacity as representative of the private sector of the tourism sector of Arica and Parinacota, I consider that the activities that INNOVACT develops in the border areas of Latin America represent an important added value in knowledge and administrative techniques among the actors involved in sustainable development in the social and economic level for the regions. The workshop  held in Tacna as part of the INNOVACT project represented an excellent contribution to broaden our visions of how to strengthen the cross-border tourism activity thanks to a very didactic intervention of its exhibitor, Mr. José Cantero." Mr. Ricardo Jorquera Denmark, manager of the Terra Tour Agency, Director of the Arica Chamber of Tourism and Coordinator of the Arica Binational Tourism Bureau -Tacna.
  • "... the approach was to give us specific tips focused on the experience of the consultant that can serve us. In the case of borders the processes are much more complicated and I believe that they should be strengthened in the development of binational governance models, without them unfortunately everything remains in good intentions. Creating sustainable governance is the great challenge ... "Mr. August Carty, Director, OGD Tour Tacna, Peru.
  • "For us, these opportunities are very important where we can learn about border cooperation and experiential tourism. These events are highly valued as it allows us to meet with all the tourism actors in our region and our neighbors to realize ideas, join forces and work together. We appreciate the opportunity and hope to continue participating. " Ms. Alejandra Gordon, Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Chile.
  • "The workshop was interesting because it puts the trends of the tourism industry up for discussion and allows different actors in the value chain to keep up and prepare properly for the new challenges." Mr. Franco Rojas, Technician, Transforma Tourism Program "Arica Always Active".
  • "It could be seen that the information shared by the exhibitor is up to date. I found his workshop interesting as it tried to deal with practical issues related to cross-border tourism." Ms. Milca Vásquez, President EMALTUR, Tacna Region