In the framework of the European project INPANDES together with the chancelleries of Peru (Javier Lossio), Ecuador (Carlos Arias) and Bolivia (Victor Hugo Castro), the CAN Andean Community – a trade bloc of the countries Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru – held an event on the exchange of cross-border experiences, including a presentation on INNOVACT. The background and contextual factors, achievements and lessons learned achieved by the INNOVACT platform in the value chains of cocoa and tourism at the Ecuador-Colombia border were presented. 

The event included workshops held by some of the experts who carried out the consultancies of the INPANDES project such as INFYDE, CODESPA and SEBRAE (Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises). They were complemented by speakers from GIZ and experts from CAN. The participants attended a field visit to learn about cocoa management and fishing production as well.