On July 4 and 5, at the Hotel Asaí in the city of Cobija (Bolivia), the first Working meeting of the Amazon area of ​​the Peru-Bolivia border was held with more than 90 stakeholder from the regional innovation ecosystem. The workshop combined lectures with group work sessions, covering the following topics:

  • Presentation of the INNOVACT II project methodology and schedule.
  • Modalities and experiences of cross-border cooperation in the European Union.
  • Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3) and investment priorities
  • Open and collaborative innovation methodologies to boost value chains.
  • Presentation and validation of the results of the mapping and analysis of the  Amazonian mountain fruits, fish farming and tourism cross-border value chains.
  • Design and diversification of value chains taking advantage of the territory's resources.
  • Identification of opportunities for cross-border cooperation in the Amazon mountain fruits and tourism value chains o
  • Good practices in the management of governance models and cross-border financing instruments.


As a result of the binational work meeting, the following main conclusions were agreed.


  • INNOVACT should be framed in the implementation of the Development Plan of the Amazon sector of the ZIF-PB (ZIF-PB Plan). Its main result (Action Plan for the development of cross-border value chains) will be articulated to the national strategies of both countries as well as to the regional strategies developed and implemented by the Governments of Madre de Dios and Pando.
  • The action plan that will be developed within the framework of INNOVACT will integrate 2 of the 4 priority value chains in the ZIF-PB Plan: Amazon Fruits and Tourism.
  • A ¨core¨bi-national group will be formed, made up of people who have the experience, skills and resources to work together with the consultants in the elaboration of the action plan and that will be able to promote and / or support the implementation of the projects that will be detailed in the action plan.