On November 23, the Presentation of the Binational Strategy for Border Territorial Development Mexico-Guatemala and the Results of the First Phase of the INNOVACT Project was presented at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

Participants included: Deputy Secretaries César Octavio Castellanos and Luis Ovando (from SEDATU and SEGEPLAN respectively); Jérome Poussielgue, Minister Counselor of the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico; Carlos Escobedo, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala in Mexico; Lynsay Hernández, Director of Bilateral Foreign Policy of the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry; Edna Mercado, Responsible for Cooperation of the European Union of the Directorate of Technical and Scientific Cooperation of AMEXCID; Héctor Macías, Director of Regional Development of SEDATU; Carlos Hinojosa, manager of the INNOVACT project and Stefano Marani of the EUROsociAL + project.

Guatemala 1

During this session, the objectives of the Binational Border Territorial Development Strategy Mexico-Guatemala. which was the result of several workshops held throughout the EUROsociAL + program, were presented.

One of the objectives of this strategy is to establish a common vision and joint actions to generate opportunities for the population that translate into conditions of security, economic and social development, with the overall goal of a sustainable and inclusive development.

Its thematic axes are the following:

  • Social cohesion and equity
  • Competitiveness and Economic Development
  • Urban-territorial networks and integration of space in the border region (sustainability, risk management, territorial ordering, etc)
  • Inter-institutional strengthening and human resources for sustainable development in the border area
  • Common mechanism of governance of the binational border strategy Mexico-Guatemala

Given the above, it was considered that there are links between the Binational Border Territorial Development Strategy and the INNOVACT project, especially in the development of the thematic axis of Competitiveness and Economic Development. This will allow to continue the collaboration that up to now has been established between the two programs (EUROsociAL + - INNOVACT) and to continue creating synergies for the benefit of binational development.

Likewise, this event served not only as a forum to present the results of the first phase of INNOVACT, but also to establish the next steps of the project:

• Development of virtual meetings between the actors to define a roadmap for the implementation of the action plan and the different projects
• Strengthening the capacities and competencies needed to boost binational projects
• Linkage with universities and research centers
• Governance
• Formulation and development of binational policies
• Development of communication channels
• Implementation of binational projects
• Preparation for the second phase of INNOVACT (INNOVACT II) 


You can access all presentations given during the event here.