In the framework of the celebration of 198 years of Independence of Jaén (Cajamarca, Peru), the Meeting of the Zamora Chinchipe(Ecuador)-Cajamarca (Peru) Border Committee was held on June 5, 2019. National and regional authorities of the two countries participated along with experts and people involved in the development of the border area.

Silke Haarich, director of the INNOVACT Project, made a presentation that included a brief synthesis of the integration process of Europe with its particularities and strengths. She also presented some practical examples of innovation applied to value chains in the border region between Peru and Ecuador.

After the presentation, a meeting was held between the authorities of the two countries, including the Regional Governor of Cajamarca, Messiah Guevara Amasifuén (Peru) and Mr. Esmilcar Rodríguez (Political Head of Zamora, Ecuador). In this meeting, experiences were exchanged and knowledge of the value chains that will be worked on the border and that are important for the two countries, such as coffee and cocoa, was deepened.

The Meeting of the Border Committee Zamora Chinchipe (Ecuador)-Cajamarca (Peru) was the preamble of the first binational meeting of the INNOVACT Project that will run until Friday June 7 in Jaén, in which delegations from the provinces of Loja and Zamora (Ecuador) and of the regions of Piura and Cajamarca (Peru) will participate .

Text written by Franklin Vega