From August 8 to 10 the INNOVACT team was at the event "Business Meeting: Alliance for the Development of Cross-Border Value Chains in the Agroindustrial-Food Sector Mexico-Guatemala" organized by the Consul of Mexico in Quetzaltenango, Raúl Cueto. This event was carried out as a result of the different conversations with AMEXCID, which shows that thanks to INNOVACT autonomous cross-border interactions are taking place between the different actors. A fundamental contribution of INNOVACT was the consideration of the extended border region, as it is proposed in the INNOVACT mapping, that is to say including the entire Mexican Southeast and not only the municipalities near the border, as is usually done in the area.

MexicoThe national and local participants from both countries included, for example, CONCYT, FIDESUR, ECOSUR, CLAC, Rafael Landivar University and San Carlos University, as well as a multiplicity of business actors. Some participants from international agencies were FAO, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA); USAID or GIZ.

At the end of the meeting the "Consensus of Quetzaltenango" was signed, within which INNOVACT was seen as a possible collaboration tool for the construction of a permanent computer platform. The aim is to create long-term relationships between regional producers, sophisticated buyers, government and other actors of the cross-border agricultural chain and thus start to market products from the region in different distribution channels. This event served not only as a forum to raise awareness of INNOVACT's progress but also as a framework for the organization of working meetings for the development of the lines of action. As part of the follow-up, on August 28, the INNOVACT team met with the Energy Regulatory Commission in Mexico to learn about the regulations on clean energy that currently exist. In that meeting, several public policy needs were identified which may feed the INNOVACT action plan. 

On November 14 in the City of Guatemala, the INNOVACT project will be officially completed.