In November 13 and 14, as part of the culmination of the activities of phase I of INNOVACT, the closing seminar was held with more than 40 participants in Guatemala City. The objective of this Seminar was to be an exchange and information forum, as well as to present the action plans of potential border projects in high value chains at national and regional level: clean energy and information technologies applied to agriculture. These action plans are the result of the dialogues developed by the various binational INNOVACT participants: public and private actors (local, regional and national), academia and institutions.

In the event, different presentations were made on the importance of innovation and cooperation between both countries and their link with Europe. Two European experts, the first one with great experience in Agriculture (Peder Schjoedt, CEO and founder of the Danish company New Basics), spoke about the analysis of agricultural food production and its export; and the Energy expert (Rafael Ayuste, Representative of the Energy Agency of the regional government of Castilla y León) spoke about his experience and good practices in the development of renewable energy projects. Both experts helped to refine the debate and propose approaches to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the two selected value chains.


Different presentations were also made by the stakeholders of the working groups, in which the work carried out by each of them was presented in terms of innovation and cross-border cooperation in the two value chains (Guillermo Woo, Executive Coordinator of the Trust for the Regional Development of the Southeast of Mexico, Mary Angelica Perez Lopez, Deputy Director of Innovation and Competitiveness of the Yucatecan Institute of Entrepreneurs, Paula Flores Aguilar, Undersecretary of Economic Development of the State of Campeche, Alfonso Gonzalez, Vice President of the Association of Generators with Renewable Energy in Guatemala, Luis Carlos Ordoñez, Researcher of the Scientific Research Center of Yucatán, Fernando Córdova, Regional Director of the National Laboratory of Housing and Sustainable Communities of Mexico).


In an effort to maintain continuity during 2019, the various project participants have proposed to promote greater coordination on public policy issues in both value chains; implement the proposed projects, encourage the continuous dialogue of the binational network developed during the project (four propellers); as well as promoting a dialogue with Europe on aspects of cross-border cooperation in support of innovation.

The closing conference also received press coverage, for example in Guatemala