A second visit and technological tour of farmers from Arica to Tacna took place the week of July 8 within the framework of the INNOVACT project. A total of 14 farmers from Ariqueño, together with the SEREMI OF Agriculture, teachers from the agricultural area, representatives of the INNOVACT project as well as Chilean and Peruvian agricultural authorities participated in this activity. The  objective of the tour was to get to know the reality of the Tacna region in terms of crops, utilization of the water resource and commercialization of products with the purpose of developing businesses as a cross-border area in the future.

The tour of the Ariqueño farmers began by visiting the Los Palos farm, which is characterized by the use of solar energy, continued by a visit to the Fundo la Noria, the second most important institution in Peru in the field of olive cultivation and olive processing.

Subsequently, a tour of the Fundo Gallegos was held to learn about the experience in the production of oranges and lucumas, strawberries and watermelons  and the tour was completed with the visit to the Maravilla farm where wine and pisco are made.

The event was covered by several local media channels:

For more information about this event and the activities of the Peru-Chile border in the framework of the INNOVACT project, contact Alvaro Diaz, focal point for the region: alvaro.diaz@competitiveness.com