On June 3, 2019 in Arica (Chile), 15 farmers from the Tacna Region (Peru), in addition to Peruvian agricultural authorities, participated in a "technological tour" in Arica, organized by the Agriculture SEREMI of Arica and Parinacota. The tour was organised with the aim of learning about the reality of the sector regarding crops, the optimization of water resources and future business developments as a cross-border area. The group visited the company "Bezma", located in the Valley of Azapa, where they observed the cultivation of olive trees and the process of olive oil production, finishing the tour with the visit to the nursery "Las Maitas", of CONAF, also located in Azapa, where a presentation was made on the "Conservation and Propagation of Endemic Plants of the Region of Arica and Parinacota".

This tour was one of the commitments established in the last Border Integration and Development Committee and is part of INNOVACT's work.

According to Alvaro Diaz, focal point for the INNOVACT project in Chile, "experiencing smart agriculture in areas of water scarcity, the reality of agro-industry and the work of CONAF, is very important, because it allows the borders to understand possible future commercial actions and increase the social and relational capital (...). These are the first steps to lose the logic of physical boundaries and move towards joint businesses later".

This exercise has generated great interest from the other INNOVACT borders and is very likely to serve as an example and to be replicated by other borders in the future.

A video with photos of the day was put together by Relive and can be found here.

Additionally, a series of articles relating the event were shared by the local press :