We are delighted to announce that INNOVACT will organize a webinar on September 10 with Marten van Gils, a blockchain technology expert from Fairfood, a Dutch NGO dedicated to improving the lives of agricultural producers through technology. The NGO uses blockchain technology to provide transparency and traceability about the origin and life process of primary products in developing countries.

Marten will present the Fairfood platform as well as opportunities for producers in our INNOVACT agricultural regions.

The benefits of the application for producers are numerous:

  • Products with trustworthy data are worth more;
  • The knowledge of where your products go and where they are sold is very important to adapt your product and improve it
  • a direct digital connection with your final consumer can lead to direct trade

A presentation will be uploaded after the webinar. To learn more about Fairfood, visit their website: https://fairfood.nl/en/uncategorized/fairfood/