Welcome to the module entitled "Monitoring and evaluation of cooperation - how to learn and improve?(4.3)". This training corresponds to an ad hoc/ online training session of the project. During this module, the following areas are covered: 

- Data availability; 
- Interfaces and statistical information; 
- Monitoring and Reporting; 
- Strategic Intelligence (observatories); 
- Evaluation (examples of EU cross-border or LATAM clusters in relevant sectors – energy, IT, tourism, agrifood).

  • Disponibilidad de datos; 
  • Interfaces e información estadística; 
  • Seguimiento y presentación de informes; 
  • Inteligencia Estratégica (observatorios); 
  • Evaluación (ejemplos de clusters transfronterizos de la UE o LATAM en sectores relevantes - energía, TI, turismo, agroalimentario).