The overall objective of INNOVACT is to diffuse EU regional policy experience and good practices in Latin America, and to prepare and develop further cooperation between EU and Latin American border regions. This will be done through the establishment of cross-border and inter-continental cooperation dynamics, supported by working meetings, trainings, study visits and an on-line platform for knowledge exchange and transfer of good practices.

The efforts are concentrated on specific sectoral value chains that have been prioritised in collaboration with stakeholders in the Latin-American border areas. The final goal is to identify and develop strategies, action plans and concrete projects or programmes for the development of cross-border value chains in the short and medium term.

After intensive fieldwork and in-depth desk research in the four Latin-American border areas, cross-border value chains were analysed during the first phase of INNOVACT in 2017.

As a result, the INNOVACT experts, considering existing agreements, strategic plans and the opinion of relevant stakeholders recommended focusing on the following value chains: