Associate professor at Universitat de Girona
Lluís Prats Planagumà is an Associate professor at Universitat de Girona. 
Thematics: Tourism
Owner of Bio-On
Marco Astorri is the owner of Bio-On. He is based in Italy. Panel - Live-watching of the UN Ocean Week Opening Ceremony, NYC: Marco Astorri, President & CEO, Bio-on [Italian Version]
Thematics: Sustainability, Environment
Project manager at Universitat de Girona - INSETUR
Dani Blasco is in charge of business development in projects related with tourism products and stakeholders. His Institute is located in the region of Girona, Catalunya, but the activities of the institute are allocated worldwide, from the European Union to Latin American Countries, United States, China, Australia, Ethiopia, etc.
Thematics: Tourism
Director of Spatial Foresight GmbH.
Dr Kai Böhme is director of Spatial Foresight GmbH. He specialises in European regional and territorial research and policies, international comparative studies in the fields of regional development policies, spatial planning, and in the territorial impacts of sector policies. He has a truly European background and considerable experience in policy advice at the European and national level as...
País: Germany
Thematics: Cross Border Cooperation, Clusters & Networks, Smart Specialisation Strategies, Innovation Strategies
Executive Vice President, Research at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) / Luonnonvarakeskus (Luke)
Johanna Buchert is the Executive Vice President, Research at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) / Luonnonvarakeskus (Luke). Previously she was Vice-President of Research at VTT. She did her PhD Thesis at the Helsinki University of Technology.  
País: Finland
Thematics: Environment, Sustainability