Innovation Strategies
Value Chain Development
Main publications
  • The evolving and cumulative nature of eco-innovation in the chemical industry
  • New business models that support resource efficiency
  • Business Barriers to the Uptake of Resource Efficiency Measures
  • Comparing systems approaches to innovation and technological change for sustainable and competitive economies: an explorative study into conceptual commonalities, differences and complementarities
  • Conocimiento Local y Tecnología Apropiada: lecciones del Alto Mezquital Mexicano
  • Innovación y ambiente: lecciones de la industria química mexicana
Other info

Dr. Fernando J. Diaz Lopez is a senior scientific advisor, programme manager, business developer and consultant on innovation for sustainable development. 

Fernando has provided expert advice or delivered keynotes for the European Parliament, the European Commission, the OECD, UNEP, the Government of the Basque country, the IFC/WBG, the Dutch Government and the Mexican Senate. 

During 2013-2015 acted as conceptual advisor to the EC-funded UN-Environment project on Eco-innovation and Resource Efficiency for developing countries and transition economies. 

Fernando currently works as senior advisor and programme manager for TNO - the largest applied research and technology organisation of the Netherlands. Albeit based in Europe, he works at TNO Caribbean - an innovation centre of TNO located in Oranjestad, Aruba - with the mission to become a leading sustainability, energy and innovation centre for the LAC region. 

Currently he coordinates the research activities within the ELAN Network and is the responsible for ELAN consortium in the Netherlands (funded by the European Commission, Fernando also leads the the Innovation for Sustainable Development (funded by the European Commission, has been created by the H2020-funded project "Global Transition Network on Eco-innovation and Green Economy for Sustainable Development", also coordinated by Dr Diaz Lopez. 

In 2012 Fernando was awarded with the runner up prize of the National Award in Social Science and Public Opinion research of the Mexican Congress for his proposition on green and inclusive Mexican economy, available at 

An overview of his scholarly work can be obtained at