Director de la Oficina de Extremadura en Bruselas
Country: Belgium
Thematics: Cross Border Cooperation
Secretary General of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR)
Country: Belgium
Thematics: Cross Border Cooperation
Senior Policy Expert at ENRD
Paul Soto has a Masters Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and, being half English and Spanish, has lived and worked extensively…
Country: Belgium
Thematics: Agriculture, Cross Border Cooperation, Sustainability
International Project Manager at Provincie Limburg
Jean Severijns has occupied several positions in the Economic Department, Innovation policy, Projectmanager Regional Technology Plan, Deputy head…
Country: Netherlands
Thematics: Cross Border Cooperation, Smart Specialisation Strategies
Policy Analyst and Capacity Building Officer
Paolo Rosso is a Policy Analyst and Capacity Building Officer for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) | OECD, at the…
Country: France
Thematics: Cross Border Cooperation, Logistics, Sustainability, Governance, Urbanism
Director of Spatial Foresight GmbH.
Dr Kai Böhme is director of Spatial Foresight GmbH. He specialises in European regional and territorial research and policies, international…
Country: Germany
Thematics: Cross Border Cooperation, Clusters & Networks, Smart Specialisation Strategies, Innovation Strategies
Independant Consultant in Territorial Marketing and Tourism
Independant consultant specialised in tourism and territorial marketing Read his blog for more information…
Thematics: Tourism
Campus of International Excellence of the Ebro Valley (Campus Iberus)
Jorge has worked in the environmental sector, agro-food industry and project planning and management for more than 15 years. Since 2008, Jorge has…
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies, Cross Border Cooperation, Environment, Sustainability, Value Chain Development
Subdirector of Accion Exterior y Cooperacion Transfronteria del Gobierno de Galicia
He is the subdirector of Accion Exterior y Cooperacion Transfronteria del Gobierno de Galicia, and has a lot of experience conducting RIS3, notably…
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies
Secretary General of Asociación Española de Agencias de Desarrollo Regional
Rafael Escamilla is the Secretary General of the Spanish association of Development Agencies. He has a comprehensive experience in Latin America as…
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies
Fundecyt - PCTEX
Maria Lucia de Castro works at FUNDECYT, PARQUE CIENTÍFICO Y TECNOLÓGICO DE EXTREMADURA. She works on projects of cooperation of RIS3 in Chile and…
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies
Socio Fundator en Infyde S.L
Jaime del Castillo is the founder of consultancy company Infyde, with strong experience on RIS3 implementation in Chili. A proposito de Infyde:…
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies, Innovation Strategies, Cross Border Cooperation
Responsible EU, International , Territorial Cooperation, Social Inclusion Unit ERVET, President EURADA RDAs network
Roberta Dall'Olio is responsible for EU Policies, International Territorial Cooperation Social Inclusion Unit of ERVET Development Agency of Emilia-…
Thematics: Smart Specialisation Strategies
Profesor investigador, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fernando Carrión is interested on urban development, planning and public safety policies. He wrote 10 books, 22 edited and wrote more than one…
Thematics: Governance, Logistics, Services, Urbanism
Especialista/Investigador at IRTA
Josep Rufat Lamarca is a Specialisat/Investigator at IRTA. For more information:
Thematics: Agriculture, Sustainability, Environment, Value Chain Development