With the assistance of public authorities and private representatives of Arica and Tacna, the 16th meeting of the binational tourism board was held on Friday, May 4 at the Antay Hotel. One of the main agreements was the realization of a pedestrian run between Tacna and Arica on October 14. Furthermore, for Monday, May 14, a meeting on the development of border cities regarding the tourism sector in the context of INNOVACT was agreed on. Attending, among other authorities, were the ministerial regional secretary of economy, promotion and tourism of Arica and Parinacota, Cristian Sayes; the general consuls of Peru in Arica, Eduardo Zeballos and of Chile in Tacna, Gustavo Díaz; the chief of staff of the provincial Municipality of Tacna, Julio Gárate; the director of Sernatur, Cristina Olguín; Álvaro Díaz, from INNOVACT; the director of tourism of the Municipality of Arica, Ayu San Martín; the presidents of the Chambers of Tourism of Arica and Camarones, Daniela Beltrán and Solón Chávez and representatives of the public and private sector in the tourism area of ​​both bordering cities.