The VII Border Integration and Development Committee, a bilateral meeting between the cities of Arica and Tacna, was held on 2 August, addressing various issues of development, coordination and strengthening cross-border cooperation. The meeting brought together more than 350 authorities, public officials and representatives of civil society of Arica and Tacna. 

The INNOVACT platform was presented by local actors that participated in the EU study visit. One of the goals in the framework of INNOVACT is for the Arica-Tacna border area to be recognized as a high quality tourist destination worldwide, as announced within the VII Meeting of the Integration and Development Committee. The coordinator of the Binational Tourism Board, Ricardo Jorquera Denmark, and Kareen Ríos, from Tacna, explained that this ambitious aspiration is based on the capacity of their communities and local entrepreneurs to provide services that allow visitors to have unique experiences linked to their culture, sport and nature.

The INNOVACT working group defined three lines of action for the cross-border region: 

  • binational tourism product design in the Andean region, high Andean and coastal edge of the regions of Tacna and Arica and Parinacota
  • a training and capacity development programme associated with the bi-national product
  • preparation and execution of a marketing plan for the binational tourism product

The launch of the action plans agreed by the members of the public and private sector of tourism will be announced before the end of the year, in a joint meeting in the city of Tacna, organized by INNOVACT. The work in the remainder of the year will include i.a. the strengthening and development of specific capacities in all involved actors of the value chain as well as the positioning of the product of adventure tourism in specific markets, with the support of European experts.

The VIII Chile-Peru Border Integration and Development Committee will take place in August 2019, in the city of Tacna.

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