A unique opportunity for representatives from the INNOVACT border regions: For the week of June 4th – 9th,  interested LATAM representatives are invited to visit Brussels as well as EU border regions for a study visit on EU cross-border cooperation. The objective of the study visit to Europe in June 2018 is to allow border region stakeholders from Europe and Latin America to exchange experiences on specific aspects of cross-border cooperation in support of innovation.

The working meetings will provide Latin American participants to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of the types of actions implemented by cross-border regions in support of innovation and value chain development.

This includes:

  • Legal organisation of cross-border strategies, planning, projects, products and services,
  • Examples of cross-border projects related to innovation, SME, entrepreneurship, business development,
  • Schemes of involvement, cooperation and organisation between different partners (multi-level administration, different countries, triple/quadruple helix stakeholders involvement etc.)
  • Measures aimed at supporting the development of one particular value chain or sector.

The working meetings will also provide the opportunity for European stakeholders to present their activities and business activities to potential importers or acquirers. The study visits will cover concrete projects and experiences in order to complement a rather theoretical approach of the meetings and seminars.

Two days of the visit will take place in the Campus Iberus Brussels Office where high level experts, EU representatives, representatives of border region institutions and authorities as well as private sector (i.e. business) representatives will be in exchange with the participating LATAM representatives. For the second part of the field visits, the group will split up to visit one INNOVACT EU partner region respectively to gain insight into EU cross border experience.

If you are interested in joining this event, please contact us at