For the week of June 4th – 9th, interested LATAM representatives are invited to visit Brussels as well as EU border regions for a study visit on EU cross-border cooperation. The objective of the study visit to Europe in June 2018 is to allow border region stakeholders from Europe and Latin America to exchange experiences on specific aspects of cross-border cooperation in support of innovation. The working meetings will provide Latin American participants to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of the types of actions implemented by cross-border regions in support of innovation and value chain development. 

After a two-day working session in Brussels, LATAM representatives will travel to EU cross-border regions to learn about their approaches and experiences. One of the field visits will be held in Central Denmark. 

The host institution for the field visit is the Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region). The region is one of five administrative units in Denmark. Additionally to responsibilities like health care and social institutions, the region ensures and coordinates regional development in areas such as tourism, business, nature and environment.  

The working sessions of the field visit will focus on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the tasks of the regions in Denmark - especially on regional development and innovation in CDR
  • The CDR food system, the food initiative and CDR as a center for food innovation
  • (Green) Energy and circular economy in CDR
  • Guided Tour and visit to some of the companies in Agro Food Park
  • The idea of cooperative / collaborative thinking (e.g. strength of SEGES (reaching out to end users) and internationalization, activities related to digitization / "precision agriculture")