The Smart Specialisation Platform for Agri-Food (S3P Agri-Food) will hold a presentation on its objectives and activities for the LATAM delegation during the EU study visit on June 5th. Particular focus will be on the partnership "Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation". 

The overarching vision of this partnership is to involve consumers and end-users in agrifood innovation, as an innovative approach to both regional growth and as part of the solutions to the global food challenges.  With this thematic partnership on Consumer Involvement in Agrifood Innovation, the aim is to empower communities of consumers by exploring and developing different paths to enhance consumer involvement in the innovation process in this sector. This partnership aspires to take a leading role in the transition of the Agrifood sector. 

S3P Agri-Food established at EU level aims to accelerate the development of joint investment projects in the EU by encouraging and supporting interregional cooperation in thematic areas based on smart specialisation priorities defined by regional and national government linked to agriculture and food. Through the S3P Agri-Food, EU regions and member states are able to implement more efficiently their smart specialisation strategies, and regional stakeholders benefit from the new cooperation opportunities with partners from other regions.