In the context of the INNOVACT project, working sessions of the Agriculture and Tourism groups on the Peru-Chile border were held. These sessions were held in Tacna, on April 18 and 19 and had a large participation of representatives of public institutions, private associations and academia.

In the session on Agriculture in water scarcity zones, which counted with the participation of 25 people, the definition of emblematic projects in areas of R & D, extension and access to markets were deepened defined. 

In the Tourism session, which counted with the participation of 30 people, it was possible to establish the focus of work in Adventure Tourism in the Andean region, highlighting the following aspects: nature, physical activity and culture.

The next work sessions will take place in May of this year in Arica and will have as main objective, to define in detail the main projects that will be part of the Action Plan of each of the two Cross-Border Value Chains that are being addressed through the INNOVACT project.