Arica. The idea is to stress the mind and creativity to innovate in an increasingly competitive sector such as the port sector. Particularly sustainable innovations are in the focus: making sustainable initiatives for the company and the environment.

With this objective, a new milestone of the TPA Challenge was experienced, the first innovation contest of the Andean Region Macro. On April 26, with the presence of two outstanding exhibitors worldwide in terms of innovation and sustainability - Daniela Winicki, manager of Sustainable Business Solutions and Pablo Arecco, civil engineer and consultant who works at Port Consultants Rotterdam - , the challenge was presented. Both agreed in the objectives: To find out how to make sure that port innovation is at the same time sustainable and what are the keys to lead such innovation processes. Arecco also had another focus of experience to share with the attendees: He is president of the Commission of Young Professionals of the International Association of Aquatic Transport Infrastructures (PIANC). This non-governmental organization, based in Brussels, is dedicated to promoting the development, construction, conservation and exploitation of maritime waterways, coastal areas and ports worldwide. This is a particularly important challenge for Arica and its port.

"With this talk we seek to motivate young people in the Andean macro region to dare to innovate and undertake projects that are innovative and sustainable over time. In this way they can become a contribution to the development of the region and future agents of change," explained Francisco Godoy, Manager of People and Sustainable Development of Terminal Puerto Arica.

Along with the contestants and mentors of the TPA Challenge, employees of the company and students of the University of Tarapacá and representatives of CORFO attended this event. They all agreed that it was a positive experience that brings them closer to the world of innovation.

Due to the cross-border approach of the competition, addressing the INNOVACT focal points Chile and Peru, the program is a valuable contribution to the objectives of INNOVACT, i.e. promoting regional cooperation and stimulating the culture of innovation.