As presented by Regional Advisor of Business Environment, Nahuel Oddone, the work of INNOVACT on regional value chains proves to be highly valuable in the context of the SICA (Central American Integration System, Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana) Region.

At the XLIX Ordinary Meeting of Heads of State and Government of the SICA Member Countries, held in San José, Costa Rica, the Regional Strategy of SME Productive Articulation was approved, which seeks to improve "competitiveness, inclusion and increased participation in markets by SME in the SICA region " through regional value chains. The participation of the countries of the SICA Region in value chains allows access to new technologies, business skills and innovation networks that tend to increase productivity and should improve the quality of employment and wages. However, it is a challenge for the region to identify, assimilate and apply external knowledge for productive, commercial and social purposes.

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