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news, 14.02.2018

Interreg's "10 things to know about transnational cooperation"

Interreg transnational cooperation programmes have been operational for more than 20 years, implementing actions in the framework of the EU Cohesion Policy. These programmes bring together European…
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news, 09.02.2018

Smart Specialisation Platform: Fostering collaboration between EU- and non-EU countries and regions

Latin American countries and regions are welcome to register to the EU Smart Specialisation Platform to learn more about regional innovation systems. The initiative is meant to foster collaboration…
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Interview with Jorge Molina-Martínez: Impressions and motivation to join INNOVACT

Interview partner: Jorge Molina-Martínez. Campus Iberus of International Excellence, Director Office of Brussels and Expert in Regional Innovation (Spain). He has a Master's degree in Environmental…
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Peru-Chile: Agricultural Value Chain Working Group agrees on next steps

In the video conference held on December 1st, the Agricultural Value Chain Working Group on the Peru-Chile border area agreed to develop a virtual survey to gather information from the different…
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Second Congress on Border Cities: Report from OLACCIF

The II Congress of Border Cities was installed in the Auditorium of the Private University of Tacna. The inaugural ceremony was attended by the Mayors of Tacna and Arica, the Rector of the Private…
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Discussing cooperation for innovation in cocoa and tourism in Colombia and Ecuador

The third of the series of first working meetings has taken place in the Ecuador-Colombia cross-border region last 4th and 5th December 2017. The Colombian department of Putumayo hosted the event in…
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Successful INNOVACT working session at the Colombia-Peru border

Innovation is possible! The working session in Leticia (Amazonas) with more than 50 participants from Colombia and Peru proved to be highly successful. In early November, experts from the INNOVACT…
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Registration now open: INNOVACT’s First Working Session and First II Binational Course (Peru-Colombia)

INNOVACT’s upcoming working session and first II Binational Course at the Colombia-Peru border will take place on the 2 and 3rd of November 2017 in Leticia, Colombia, at the SINCHI Headquarters. The…
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First Peru-Chile Working Meeting: Strengthening cooperation in Smart-Agri and Tourism

Arica. On October 18th 2017, the first Working Meeting of the INNOVACT Peru-Chile border region took place with over 60 participants, including decision-makers in the Tacna and Arica areas, private…
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Successful international meeting on cross-border development in Colombia-Ecuador

On October 4th and 5th, the International Agency for Development Cooperation (AEXCID) and the Association of European Border Regions (ARFE) organized an international meeting of local actors, led by…
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